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 WrapStyle Ceramic Protection


Here at WrapStyle Sydney we strive for two things. To simplify paint protection and to help you protect your vehicle in the best way possible. We all know Australia has a harsh climate, UV damage, tree sap and bird droppings and extreme weather all do their best to damage your car’s exterior finishes. So how do we limit this?

If you don’t want to get into the scientific details and you want to know what we can do for your car then scroll to bottom of the page and we’ll cut to the chase.

Let’s face it, the term ‘Paint Protection’ has been abused so much in the automotive industry. The ‘permanent’ paint protection packages offered by the dealerships for thousands of dollars have left so many new car buyers scratching their heads six months later when their paintwork is marred by swirls and scratches and no longer exhibits those super hydrophobic properties they showed you when you collected your car.

Any protection is better than no protection in our opinion, but until the next leap in technology, Ceramic, or Silicon Dioxide if we use its technical name, is the gold standard for your vehicle. It has genuinely revolutionized the automotive detailing industry.

Waxes and sealants typically last 5-6 washes and are not resistant to anything in the range of pH2-pH11 which a good Ceramic can resist with ease. Consider this for a moment, the pH scale, developed by Danish biochemist SPL Sørenson in 1909, goes from 0 (most acidic) to 14 (most alkaline) in its entirety, so that means that a good Ceramic coating can resist nearly the most acidic and alkaline substances known. Together with its hydrophobic properties this essentially makes it self-cleaning.

What is equally impressive is that, while protecting from the environment, it also adds an additional layer of thickness and hardness to your paintwork. Automotive paints typically range between 3-4H on the Mohs scale of hardness. A good Ceramic adds a further 3H making it extremely resistant to scratches.

So, Ceramic protection is for new cars right? Wrong. At Wrapstyle Sydney we have a range of Detailing and Ceramic Protection packages for both new and used cars. Given the permanent nature of the Ceramic coating it is critical to correct the paintwork prior to application. Most used cars, even if maintained well, will display minor swirls and scratches, these need to be removed with careful machine polishing, restoring your paintwork to its original glory. So if you have a used car we’ll need to inspect its condition and discuss an approach with you. In some circumstances we’ve even seen new dealer delivered cars showing minor swirls that required correction too.

At Wrapstyle Sydney we use the Gtechniq range of coatings from the UK, Gtechniq offer protection for almost every surface of your vehicle, inside and out. Paint, external trim and plastics, wheel rims, glass, interior leather or fabric, convertible roofs and interior trim and plastics.


OK, we know this is a lot of information to take in. Here is the simplified version. Here at Wrapstyle Sydney we can detail your new or used car in a tailored way, correct the paintwork where we need to, then protect it with a Ceramic coating that will last between 3-5 years. What will this mean for you? Less washing, a ridiculously deep and glossy shine and confidence that your car is protected in the most scientific way currently known.

Maybe you have questions or would like to know more about the services we offer. If so then please give us a call, as you can probably tell we are passionate about this stuff so we’d love to hear from you.

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