3D Changer is a car wrap configurator for wrap shops and designers. We in WrapStyle are aware of the importance of accurate presentation and visualization of the final product to customers. Therefore we support the development of this game changing app.

In October 2020 3D Changer 2 was launched and brought the visuals and user experience even to a higher level. 

Besides the mesmerizing photorealistic quality, the user can pick a new color from over 680 wrap films, choose a design from Wrapstock or customize the car by selecting the different color of wheels, brakes, or apply another wrap film on various body parts.

Wrap shops and designers can upload their graphic design and present it to their customers in this engaging way. They can render photos or 3D videos in high quality without any experience with 3D art.

By continuous work on updates, the 3D Changer team tries to make a 3D configurator a new standard in the wrapping industry.

For more information visit the website www.3dchanger.com, get inspiration on Instagram, join the Facebook community or follow YouTube video channel.