We assume we do not need to introduce Nina to european car lovers and the drifting scene, where she is being called Lady Hoonigan. This charming Slovak driver is well known for her drifting school, that reflects her passion for powerful cars going sideways all the time.

This lady driver decided to get both of her cars wrapped and on this occasion we have joined forces with branches of @wrapstyle in the Czech Republic, @wrapstock, and the @3dchanger team. The team of 16 wrappers had a challenge before them – to wrap both cars within 8 hours in the garage of @wrapstyle_zlin who offered shelter for the event. Wrapstock created a design we call Bat Lady Hoonigan. It is universal and available at  

Why did we go for a design from Because Wrapstock offers stunning designs that are easy to wrap! Especially when we look at two different cars with the same design. Wrapstock facilitates any modification or color change quickly. Universal design was the right choice to make!

3D Changer allows one to see the car´s appearance prior to installation using 3D pictures, and what´s more – video, that makes it more vivid and vibrant. The real added value is, that customers do not have to pay anything in advance and may see how the real outcome looks like. 3D Changer has been a revolutionary tool for the wrapping industry. We are proud of the 3D Changer team! 

Thanks to Avery Dennison Europe we printed the designs on Avery MPI 1105 Speedmaster film for fast applications and smooth finish. We are happy that the designs turned out great and were liked by many from the industry and fans!

Thank you everyone for being a part of this project, as we do appreciate every single help! 🙂