We are proud to share our story with you via Forbes Cesko. It was a good experience and we feel deep gratitude for this opportunity. On six pages, you will get to find out how WrapStyle from a small garage in Zlin went international. 

Our founders, Martin Turecek and Marek Cepica, have shared their ups and downs with the media for the very first time as well as certain milestones on a WrapStyle journey. It is all about a solid friendship, hard work, and dedication. Other than that, it has been a crazy ride paved with good luck and punk. 

Of course, WrapStyle would have never made it big and international without all the partners around the world. We are happy to encounter different cultures and mentalities, market specifics, and share that all across the entire group.

Currently, we have 25+ branches worldwide and we are looking forward to opening new acquisitions soon. 

Our objectives definitely do not end here as we have started new projects such as Wrapstock, 3D Changer, and Unreal Exists. Online library with universal design goes hand in hand with our 3D car configurator called 3D Changer, all supported with Virtual reality created by Unreal Exists.

We would love to give credit to everyone who is part of WrapStyle, cause every detail matters and you make the difference. #WrapStyleFamily 

Foto credit: Michael Tomeš (Forbes)

Wrapstyle in Forbes

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