The SEMA Show 2019 is over and it was the one to be remembered

11/11/2019, Las Vegas: The SEMA Show 2019 is past. Car proffesionals, wrappers and enthusiasts from all over the world have come to Vegas for one reason. The SEMA Show. One of the biggest automotive show ever took place from 5th to 11th November. Workshops, speakers, new trends and everything that is connected to cars was discussed not only between top industry leaders but also with visitors of the show. „These people are just amazing… We are like family, because we do what we love. Cars are our addiction.“, says our boss Martin, who was Presents not only as a representative of WrapStyle, but also with the new project Wrapstock. So we asked him a few questions.

Hello Martin, how do you feel about the show? „Hi, The Sema show is show like no other. Should you look for a place to see the newest car trends, that is the place. You can learn a lot of new things which you can apply to your bussines, because most workshops are led by top professionals of the industry. Not only we may share our experience, but obtain a new one as SEMA is all about it. Talking with people and having a good time“, he said.

The big final of the competiton Wrap Like A King powered by our main partner in crime – Avery Dennison had also taken place in the SEMA show. Were you dissapointed that WrapStyle did not make it to the very top?

„Not at all… We have become the European Continnetal winners sixth time already! Who can say that? I think we had a really great project and we did a truly awesome job with our Art-Wrap Handmade design, so we have nothing to be ashamed of. There was a really tough competiton amongst best wrappers worldwide and we are just happy to been considered one of them.“

About the new project:

„Wrapstock is a place where you can buy or sell designs. The unique thing is that these designs are universal. So if you are customer you purchase a design you like, download the printing data and carry out the wrap. A good solution for wrapping companies either, since there is no need for in-house designer. A decent selection of design wraps they can offer their customers, indeed.

„But it definitely is not all from “our production!“, he kept talking. „At the moment, we have been working on taking our bussines to another level. And the level is Virtual Reality. One of the newest and most amazing way how to present what customers want. This unforgettable experience is something we want to provide all our customers with. We are really excited, and hopefully we will show the world: We Wrap Averything!“